NYSL Aydan explains big reason why he’s not enjoying Warzone anymore

Hamza Khalid
Aydan and Warzone Operators

Top Call of Duty player Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad is frustrated with the state of Warzone and has now revealed why he no longer enjoys playing the Call of Duty title.

Warzone Pacific players have plenty of brand-new content to explore following the arrival of the Season 3 Reloaded update, including changes to the HUD, a health buff in Rebirth Island, as well as various weapon buffs and nerfs.

While all these changes seem exciting, professional player Aydan has not been impressed with Warzone recently and has explained in a stream why he doesn’t enjoy playing the game anymore.

Warzone Adler operator sprinting

In his Twitch stream, Aydan brought up that he’s currently looking for a new game to play, as he no longer has a passion for Warzone. The top player made it clear that the only part of the game he enjoys is the tournaments.

Despite this, he feels that the quality of the Warzone tournaments is currently in decline, explaining: “There are [fewer] tournaments, the prize pool is way lower, and that’s because the game is worse.”

He added that these tournaments have fewer viewers now, so they don’t get as much support anymore. The Warzone star claimed: “People don’t wanna do big tournaments for a game that’s not doing well.”

Since Warzone tournaments are his favorite aspect, he claims that their decline has made him lose his interest in the game altogether. This part of the stream was clipped by the Warzone Nation YouTube channel.

Other players have also expressed their own issues with Warzone recently, with many in the community slamming the decisions to force Vanguard weapons into the meta and nerf many of the game’s Shotguns.

So Aydan isn’t the only one frustrated with the current state of the game. However, he added that Warzone could still win back his interest if the developers introduce another “banger update.”

He also expressed his interest in the upcoming Warzone sequel, explaining: “I’m really just hoping for Warzone 2. I’m hoping it’s good, guys. Because if it’s not, I’m definitely gonna move on.”

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Image Credit: Activision / Aydan