NICKMERCS shows overpowered Krig-6 loadout for Warzone Season 1

Nicholas Sakadelis

Streamer NICKMERCS showed off his overpowered Krig-6 loadout, here’s the rundown.

In a YouTube video posted by NICKMERCS, he shows off the viability of the Krig-6 Assault Rifle in Warzone. While not the best Assault Rifle, he states, “It’s a bad gun if you’re good. Hit those shots.”

Judging by the gameplay, NICKMERCS isn’t wrong. At medium range, he demolishes targets with expert precision, downing enemies quickly. The Krig-6 also has great strafe speed and manageable recoil, which is extremely helpful for skilled players.

As long as you don’t expect the weapon to be good at long ranges, you won’t be disappointed, and you’ll lock in some easy kills. Here’s the loadout:

NICKMERCS Krig-6 Warzone Loadout

  • Muzzle – Agency Suppressor: Additional damage range, you won’t appear on radar while firing.
  • Barrel – 19.7″ Takedown: Extra damage range at the cost of less sprinting move speed.
  • Underbarrel – Bruiser Grip: Description says “melee quickness” but actually has hidden stats to add recoil control.
  • Ammunition – Salvo 60 Round Fast Mag: Fast reloads with a large magazine.
  • Optic – Axial Arms 3x: Precision sight picture at medium range.

Be sure to secure those medium-range kills as much as possible. You’ll want to depend on your teammates for help for longer range shots, perhaps a teammate with a sniper.

In the video, NICKMERCS pairs up his Krig-6 with a Mac-10 to easily close in the range on enemies.

You can catch his video above, where he secures a 17 kill win with Swagg and TimTheTatMan. Take note of his movement and when he chooses to engage enemies – it’ll be of help.