NICKMERCS reveals why he doesn’t compete in Warzone tournaments anymore

Andrew Highton

In his latest YouTube video, top Warzone player NICKMERCS has explained why he doesn’t compete in tournaments anymore citing “hacks” and “scumbags” as big deterrers.

Warzone’s popularity seems to be neverending with Call of Duty’s Battle Royale game earning numerous plaudits and maintaining high numbers across Twitch, Steam, and various other mediums.

But even casual Warzone players know that the game is frequently hindered by a myriad of game-breaking glitches and detrimental bugs. NICKMERCS has said that these issues are a big problem for the competitive CoD scene.

A player dropping in in cod Warzone

NICKMERCS doesn’t do competitive Warzone

Getting straight to business, NICKMERCS’ newest video begins with a big quote saying “we’re talking about a glitch in Warzone that if everybody knew about, it would probably break the game.”

Not only that, but it seems like some parts of the CoD community have suggested that even NICKMERCS benefits from this glitch. Very quickly you start to get an idea of why he doesn’t play competitive tournaments anymore.

There’s already huge pressure on some of the renowned Call of Duty personalities to deliver stellar content and be entertaining, but when they’re being falsely accused of cheating, it can become difficult.

NICKMERCS playing cod Warzone

He directly addresses his accusers by saying “thanks for the compliment” and that he’s not like that. He goes on to say that it’s “a big reason as to why I stopped playing these competitive tournaments.”

The lobby glitch that he discusses basically allows players to manipulate the game’s settings by messing around with their internet routers to make the game think you’re somewhere else etc. All this is to grant players an easier lobby against less-skilled players. The issue is quite widespread with NICKMERCS saying that the exploit has been sent over to Activision.

But it’s not just that that bothers him, he goes on to mention the “hacks, wall hacks, aim hacks, you name it.” It’s no surprise that these would bother him as you would expect to enter a tournament and not be seen through an invisible wall.

NICKMERCS laughed whilst saying “the Call of Duty community is a lot of things, but there really is some scumbags in this place.”

You have to believe that until Warzone can go through a sustained period of certainty with no major glitches and bugs ruining the experience, then NICKMERCS will continue to avoid big tournaments.

Image credits: Activision, NICKMERCS