NICKMERCS reveals the one thing he doesn’t like about Warzone’s Fortune’s Keep map

NICKMERCS with Warzone Fortune's Keep map

The new Fortune’s Keep map has been a popular addition in Warzone Season 4, but streaming star Nicholas ‘NICKMERCS Kolcheff has revealed the only aspect of the map that isn’t a home run in his opinion.

Warzone Season 4 came packed with new content, including a selection of new weapons for players to try. Easily the most exciting addition was Fortune’s Keep, a brand-new map to rival Rebirth Island as the alternative to Caldera.

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The map was an instant hit, and normal players and streamers alike expressed their love for Fortune’s Keep, with some even calling Rebirth Island “dull” in comparison.

Popular streamer NICKMERCS was among those who couldn’t get enough of the new map, but he’s now explained the one part of Fortune’s Keep that he doesn’t like.

Smugglers Cove on Fortune's Keep in Warzone

In his July 17 video, NICKMERCS once again praised the new map and said it was one of the best parts of Warzone currently.

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“You can say what you want about this game right now, but I really did like this new map that they put out,” Nick explained. “I thought it was kind of vibey, you know? I like the terrain, I like the flow, I like the colors, I like the size as well.”

However, he went on to share the section of Fortune’s Keep that he tried to steer clear from. “The only thing I didn’t like about it, maybe, was the underground cave area. I don’t really f**k with that part. But other than that I was pretty chill with it.”

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Nick even demonstrated this later on in the video, replying, “I’m not going underground” when a member of his squad said he liked fighting in that area.

One of Fortune’s Keep’s many POIs is Smugglers Cove along the southern coast, which has a network of sea caves for players to sneak through. This underground section is far tighter than locations on the surface and is full of explosive gas canisters that can lead to a quick death.

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The trade-off is that the area tends to be full of valuable resources like Gas Masks, so making it through the caves can drastically increase your team’s chances of victory if you can survive the close-quarters combat.

Although he really isn’t impressed with the underground section of the Fortune’s Keep, NICKMERCS still seems to be a huge fan of the map overall, as it’s managed to pull him back into Warzone and away briefly from Apex Legends.

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Image credits: Activision / NICKMERCS