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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone player shows genius trick to get rid of Rebirth Island tower campers

Rebirth Island’s tower is often full of campers, but this genius Warzone trick will have them down and out in a flash.



Rebirth Island tower Akimbo renetti

A Warzone player has revealed a creative method to get rid of Rebirth Island tower campers and the foolproof trick is simple enough to replicate.

Warzone players have been spoiled in Season 4 with three maps to choose from after Fortune’s Keep was added to the battle royale. Although Fortune’s Keep has been a major success, players still enjoy their fix of fast-paced Rebirth Island gameplay.

Despite the map being a small one, there are plenty of nooks and crannies for players to hide away in. Campers definitely slow down the pace on Rebirth Island, but a new trick has revealed the perfect way to deal with them.

warzone rebirth island reinforced

Of all the camping spots on Rebirth Island in Season 4, it’s not a stretch to say that none are more popular than the island’s tower. The top of the massive tower is a common camping spot for players and its limited entrances make it difficult to infiltrate.

That could be set to change after a player posted a clip to the Warzone subreddit, showcasing a genius trick to eliminate a tower camper on Rebirth Island.

As you can see from the clip, the eventual kill was made possible thanks to a Snapshot Grenade, and the player’s Akimbo Renetti. First, the player used the Snapshot Grenade to locate the enemy’s position. They then shot up with the Renetti to secure the down.

The down gave the player the time needed to make the long climb up the tower’s ladder. Although the enemy player used a Self Revive, their weakened state allowed for an easy kill once up top.

Some players are questioning how the Renetti were able to secure the kill from such a considerable distance all while shooting through a surface: “Your pistol can shoot through the ground?”

It seems the power of the Pistols shocked the OP as well: “That’s the part that surprised me the most. I didn’t have FMJ on the Kar98K OR the Renetti as I had the Akimbo Perk on.” Nonetheless, they’re an efficient tool to rid Rebirth Island of tower campers.

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Image Credit: Activision