NICKMERCS reveals the Apex Legends feature that Warzone needs

NICKMERCS with Warzone and Apex Legends armor

Top streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff argued that Apex Legends has the best health and armor system of any battle royale, and believes Warzone could learn from it.

Frustrated with Warzone, NICKMERCS has made the switch to Apex Legends for the foreseeable future. On his grind to hit Apex Predator, he’s fallen in love with the game’s Ranked Play, skill gap, and mechanics.

One of these mechanics is Apex Legends’ health system, with NICKMERCS believing that “it’s the best battle royale for armor and shield.” He broke down what makes it so great, and why Warzone got its health and armor system wrong.

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Apex Legends Evo Shields or Siphon in Warzone

Evo Shields in Apex Legends

Nick loves that Apex Legends is “the only battle royale where if you don’t have good shield, at least you can earn it.” Apex features Evo Shields, where dealing damage increases your armor’s effectiveness.

NICKMERCS believes this encourages you to “move around the map” and helps with camping “because in battle royales, camping’s a big, big issue.” He explained how it also increases the skill gap, where “if you’re a good, good Apex player, you’re going to get good shield either way.”

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Nick is a big fan of this ‘siphon’ concept in both Apex and Fortnite, and explained: “I always said in Call of Duty, I thought that when you got a kill, it should’ve put a plate on for you.”

Apex Legends Shield Batteries in Warzone

Warzone players have long been complaining that Armor Plates replace a broken plate, rather than going into an empty slot. This means that if one plate is slightly damaged, you must apply two to fill up the empty slot.

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Nick said he “always hated that about CoD,” and thinks Warzone could learn from Apex’s Shield Batteries. Although they take longer to apply, these devices fill up all your shields at once.

He couldn’t come up with a fitting name on the spot but believes Warzone should have a “super plate” that fills up all of your armor. Nick quit Warzone before this Perk was introduced, but Season 5’s Tempered acts similarly, making it so you only need to apply two plates to get full armor.

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NICKMERCS concluded that he loves “everything about the health in Apex” and thinks “they perfected it.” In comparison, he feels that Warzone’s system is lacking, and could do with the discussed changes.

Image Credit: Under Armour / Respawn Entertainment / Raven Software