NICKMERCS doesn’t understand why people are playing Warzone over Apex Legends or Fortnite

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Popular content creator and streamer Nicholas ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has shared his opinion on Warzone, claiming it is “shambles” and that players should be on Apex Legends or Fortnite instead.

Despite being one of Warzone‘s biggest streamers and content creators in the past, NICKMERCS made the move to Apex Legends a while ago and it seems like he’s sticking with it.

In a recent stream, NICKMERCS claimed that Warzone is in “shambles” and is nowhere near the level of its competitors, especially Apex Legends and Fortnite.

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Apex Legends is growing every season, with more and more players realizing its potential. This was the case for NICKMERCS when he switched over from Warzone back in Apex Legends Season 10.

In a recent stream, NICKMERCS made it clear that he felt Warzone was behind Apex Legends and Fortnite at the moment, stating that Apex is “immaculate,” and Epic’s battle royale was “on fire,” most likely due to its Zero Build mode.

In the clip, NICKMERCS says “if you’re playing Warzone right now…you need to get a grip,” as he boots up Apex Legends.

Warzone hasn’t developed the best reputation when it comes to bugs and issues. Even when it released a new map in Caldera, players did not receive it with a very warm welcome.

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Apex Legends on the other hand seems to get a lot of love when new content comes out, and its highly rated ranked system is also a big part of NICKMERCS’ praise of the battle royale over Warzone.

With Warzone 2 in the distant future, perhaps Activision will be able to bring NICKMERCS’ love for Call of Duty back where it used to be, or maybe Apex Legends will continue its hot streak.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision / NICKMERCS / Epic Games / Respawn Entertainment