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Fortnite makes no-building permanent with Zero Build mode

After Epic Games offered Fortnite players a limited time no-building mode in Season 2, a permanent Zero Build mode is now in the game.



Fortnite no building mode

Fortnite players were surprised to see a no-building mode make its way to the game in Chapter 3, Season 2 and after the positive reaction, Epic Games has made it a permanent mode called Zero Build.

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 has delivered a ton of new content for players to enjoy like new skins to unlock and brand-new challenges to complete. Alongside the slew of new content, Epic Games also made the bold decision to remove building from the battle royale.

The change went down well with players and given its success, it’s no surprise that Epic Games announced a permanent no-building mode called Zero Build.

Fortnite players on rooftops

The major change will certainly alter Fortnite core gameplay but some players don’t seem to mind. The drastic change has even resulted in renewed interest from casual players who had previously dropped the game.

The no-building mode was supposed to be a limited-time twist but on March 29, Epic Games confirmed that players will be able to enjoy a no-build mode permanently. This mode will be called Zero Build and is available live in-game as of March 29.

Epic decided to keep the mode beyond its initial limited availability and this was likely due to the positive reaction from players. Several popular streamers and content creators have reacted to the Twitter announcement with excitement.

Epic Games describes Zero Build as “a pure test of weapon, item, and traversal ability.” Fortnite players can find the Zero Build mode on the Discover page. Once there, they can choose between Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squads playlists.

Although building has not returned to traditional Fortnite modes, players are hoping that the feature will be back soon, alongside the Zero Build mode. This would keep players happy as fans of the game would opt for their preferred mode with few drawbacks. We’ll let you know when building returns to Fortnite.

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Image Credit: Epic Games