NICKMERCS explains why Warzone Mobile could make the game easier

Liam Mackay

With it being heavily rumored that Call of Duty: Warzone will be coming to mobile, streamer Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff believes it could make the main game easier.

Over the last couple of weeks, there has been some quite substantial evidence that Activision is developing Call of Duty: Warzone for mobile. Back in March, a CoD Mobile survey asked players if they’d like to see Verdansk come to CoD Mobile, and then a LinkedIn post seemingly confirmed that Warzone for mobile is in development.

Top Warzone streamer NICKMERCS has explained how adding mobile players to PC and console lobbies could make the game much easier.

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“If it’s anything like Fortnite, I think we know how the start of this is going to be in Warzone,” NICKMERCS explained. “When Fortnite rolled out mobile players, I mean, sheesh. And granted, some of these guys can actually play now, I’m just saying that when it rolled out, I’m talking worse than TimTheTatMan blindfolded – I’m serious!”

Not only do console and PC players have a hardware advantage over mobile, but a controller, and especially mouse and keyboard, offer much finer movement and aim control. It would be rare to find many mobile players bunny hopping or slide canceling around Verdansk ’84, so mobile players would likely be at a major disadvantage.

“But as of lately,” Nick continued. “Warzone’s kind of felt like a game where every lobby’s got two Call of Duty pros, 20 SnD guys, a bunch of stream snipers, TTVs, FB.GGs… the damn pro league! I think we could use a little break. Rather than using routers or the old [CronusMAX], I think mobile could be a good way for a fresh start, in all honesty.”

As NICKMERCS explained, it all depends on whether mobile Warzone players will be in the same lobby as console and PC players. Nick says, “probably not” but it’s possible that Activision will create a custom matchmaking where mobile players can join console and PC players if they queue in a mixed-platform party.

Nick said he thinks mixing mobile players with console and PC is a “really good idea” but admits, offering “no disrespect,” it’s largely because it’ll make his game a little bit easier.

There is still no official confirmation for Warzone coming to mobile, but stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for all future updates.

Image Credit: NICKMERCS / Activision

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