Nickmercs explains why a Kilo 141 nerf is coming to Warzone

Nicholas Sakadelis

The Kilo 141 is a favorite among the community, but Nickmercs thinks the Kilo storm is coming to an end.

Since the release of Warzone in March, several metas have risen after each major update. Weapons like the M4, Grau, Bruen, and even the Akimbo Snakeshot .44 Magnum have seen their rise to popularity and sharply fell after nerfs.

The longest meta by far (before the Kilo) was the Grau meta, which got a hefty nerf this past June. Afterward, the Grau usage fell off and was replaced by the Bruen, which saw a much larger nerf than its predecessor.

Fast-forwarding to the present, the Kilo 141 has been the dominant meta weapon in Warzone for almost five months. The weapon is consistent, accurate, and amazing at range. You can get the best loadout here.

Nickmercs speaks on the Kilo nerf

Following the past trends of metas, Nickmercs believes the Kilo will also be nerfed just like all the other past weapons when Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone drop on December 16, 2020.

“Every single time in the history of Warzone when all these guns/updates come in, there’s new guns that take the throne,” Nickmercs said in a video. “My only hope is that when they nerf the Kilo, they don’t nerf it into the ground.”

The Kilo may get a nerf, but it’s also possible that the Cold War weapons outshine the Modern Warfare ones when they enter the game. You can watch Nickmercs speak more on the Kilo in his video below.

In terms of the Kilo nerf, Nickmercs has confidence that Infinity Ward will do well with the nerf as they did for the Bruen and Grau. The Bruen fell out of the meta quickly, but even after the nerf, many players still choose to run the Grau.

As for Black Ops Cold War’s Warzone arsenal, he thinks that the M16 may be the successor to the Kilo as the king of Warzone.

We’ll be able to tell if he’s right in just a few short days.