NICKMERCS explains how Warzone Specialist Bonus makes his AS VAL loadout even deadlier

Joseph Pascoulis
nickmercs as val warzone

Wondering how you can get more attachments on your weapon? In NICKMERCS’ recent video, he explains how players can maximize the potential of the AS VAL in Season 3 Reloaded.

With all the Warzone changes introduced in the Season 3 patch notes, as well as the latest Reloaded update, knowing what weapons are good can be fairly difficult.

In his latest video, NICKMERCS shows how the Warzone Specialist Bonus can make your AS VAL class even more deadly than it already is.

NICKMERCS Warzone Specialist Bonus

Warzone Specialist Bonus

Since the introduction of Nakatomi Plaza in Warzone Season 3 Reloaded, along with John McClane and Rambo operators, players have been taking advantage of the vault easter egg, which grants an abundance of loot.

Not only will you and your team get $100k, Stopping Power, Armour Satchels, and even an Advanced UAV, but players will also be gifted with the Specialist Bonus. One thing about the Specialist Bonus players may not know is that as well as receiving all the standard perks in the game, it will also give you every weapon perk for your current loadout.

This means that you will receive Sleight of Hand, FMJ, Fast Melee, Recon, Heavy Hitter, Frangible Disabling and Wounding, Fully Loaded, Mo’ Money, Presence of Mind, Burst, and Focus. Of course, some of the weapon perks aren’t available for certain weapons, so that you will receive the appropriate ones.

NICKMERCS says this is incredibly powerful, as the “main issue people have with my AS VAL loadout, is that it’s not fast enough, it’s too long to reload, there’s not enough bullets, but with the Sleight of Hand perk on there, and the FMJ, I’m telling you man you delete (enemies).”

NICKMERCS shows just how strong it is in the video, getting almost 12,000 damage and 28 kills.

The Specialist Bonus essentially gives you 6 attachments on your weapon, turning it into an absolute beast.

Take advantage of this by completing the Nakatomi Plaza easter egg, opening the Valt, picking up the Specialist Bonus, and then buying your loadout.

Although this would work with any weapon, NICKMERCS believes it makes the AS VAL even better than it already is.

That’s it for NICKMERCS AS VAL Specialist Bonus tip. For more on Warzone, check out our recent article on JGOD explaining whether the new AMP63 Warzone Pistol will be a meta weapon.

Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision