Long-awaited Warzone 2 match rejoin feature revealed early through glitch

Hamza Khalid
Warzone 2 operators climbing building

Keen-eyed Warzone 2 players noticed that a World Series of Warzone private match included a feature that the community has been asking for, which was the result of a glitch.

Warzone 2 players were eager to check out the NA Qualifiers of the 2023 World Series of Warzone but ended up being frustrated after learning that it would be postponed due to a number of issues.

That said, players noticed a feature that they had been wanting to see in Warzone 2 for a long time in one of the WSOW private matches, leading to excitement over the fact that it’s finally coming to the game.

Server issues can often result in players being prematurely kicked out of Warzone 2 matches, which is why the community has been asking for a ‘rejoin match‘ option to be added to the Call of Duty title.

Now, the developers are finally bringing it to the game, as the World Series of Warzone private match that was disabled on May 4 had a working rejoin feature enabled, which wasn’t ready for release yet.

Many players expressed their excitement upon the prospect of this feature finally arriving in Warzone 2. One Twitter user stated: “Hold up, a Warzone rejoin feature? Please tell me that’s coming to all BR modes at some point. When you get kicked you should be able to rejoin so your teammates can buy you back.”

Another user suggested that this feature should be implemented in Ranked Play. It remains to be seen when it will arrive in Warzone 2 for good, but the developers have confirmed on Twitter that it will be shown off “at a later date.”

Warzone 2 content creator ‘ModernWarzone’ also showed their enthusiasm at the inclusion of this feature in the private match. They tweeted: “A rejoin feature has been spotted in Warzone for the first time, THIS IS NOT A DRILL.”

It’s important to note that the feature was not implemented properly, as using it caused the player to receive a dev error. Still, ModernWarzone and other players were happy to see it in the match and claimed that it would be an “important addition to help Ranked Play.”

It’s currently unclear exactly when this feature will arrive in Warzone 2 as the developers did not reveal the exact date. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as that information has been officially confirmed.

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Image credits: Activision