JGOD unveils powerful Warzone OTs 9 loadout that’s as deadly as Shotguns

Liam Mackay
JGOD's Warzone OTs 9 SMG loadout

Warzone YouTuber JGOD has revealed the best loadout to turn Season 4’s OTs 9 into “a close-range beast” that’s as powerful as the best Shotguns.

Although Warzone is going through a rough patch with top streamers such as NICKMERCS leaving and causal players calling it unplayable, weapon balance is in a great place. There are plenty of viable Assault Rifles and SMGs, with one underrated pick being Season 4’s OTs 9 SMG.

Although the OTs 9 is one of the most powerful SMGs in Warzone, a tough unlock challenge has stopped it from being among the most popular. Warzone stats expert JGOD has given the loadout you should run to dominate with the OTs 9, whether you play Rebirth Island or Verdansk.

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Best Warzone ots 9 loadout

JGOD revealed that the OTs 9 is “one of the most dominant SMGs for close-range” and it competes with both of the MP5s and the MAC-10 “as that close-range beast.” He also said it’s “up there” with the Shotguns that instantly delete other players at point-blank range.

From under 10 meters away, the OTs 9 has the third quickest TTK, only being behind the AS VAL and the Akimbo M19s. However, its damage begins to fall off at slightly longer ranges.

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For this video, JGOD paired the OTs 9 with the QBZ-83. We previously called this Warzone’s most underrated weapon, and JGOD explained how it’s only got better since the Krig 6 received a small nerf in a surprise update on August 5.

JGOD OTs 9 SMG Warzone loadout

  • Muzzle: GRU Suppressor
  • Barrel: 8.1″ Task Force
  • Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Optic: Microflex LED
  • Ammunition: VDV 40 Rnd Fast Mag

For the most part, JGOD has opted for the standard Warzone SMG set-up. The GRU Suppressor keeps you off the minimap while increasing range and recoil control. Then, the 8.1″ Task Force further increases the range and also the strafe speed. And the last common attachment, the Tiger Team Spotlight, vastly increases your mobility.

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However, he’s fitted the OTs with some unique attachments. JGOD explained that the VDV 40 Rnd Fast Mag is necessary for the OTs 9 because it gives you an “instant reload.” This makes up for the lower damage per mag, because “you can get a reload in in approximately one second.”

For optics, JGOD decided not to use the iron sights. He described how if you move while aiming with the OTs, the iron sights shift and become quite obstructive. He said that if Raven ever fixes it, then you should use the irons, but for now, the Microflex LED is perfect.

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Image Credit: Activision / JGOD

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