JGOD reveals new Warzone setting that will improve your aim

Matt Porter
JGOD and a Sniper in Warzone

To win Warzone matches, you need to have good aim to take down your opponents quickly and efficiently. For those struggling, YouTuber JGOD has revealed a new setting from the Pacific update that could improve your accuracy.

Warzone gives players plenty of ways to take down opponents. With 150 different weapons and thousands of attachment combinations, the only restriction is your own imagination.

Of course, these attachments all have their own characteristics, with some reducing recoil while others add the benefit of enhanced zoom.

With these different scopes, it’s important to understand that aiming on an x1 sight compared to an x4 will be completely different and require different sensitivity. Thankfully, there are new settings in Warzone that can help with this problem.

Warzone player aiming down a Sniper scope

Warzone’s Pacific update had lots of new content, but this handy setting flew under the radar of most players. In the Controller section of the game’s settings, you can scroll down to ‘Custom Sensitivity Per Zoom,’ turn it on and then change your ADS Sensitivity multiplier based on which zoom scope you’re using.

By changing these, you can set a specific sensitivity for each scope, as you may play on a high base sensitivity, but find it too difficult to aim when you are zoomed in on a target.

To help, JGOD has also created a graph that breaks down how aiming-down-sights works, which should help you pick the best one.

Of course, the only way to find the perfect settings for you are to get in a Warzone game and test them out for yourself, as what feels good for one player won’t necessarily work for you.

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your game, make sure to check out our best Warzone controller settings, and boost your FPS with our PC settings too.

Image credits: JGOD (YouTube) / Raven Software