JGOD reveals Call of Duty: Warzone’s most underrated loadout

Andrew Highton
jgod talks about SA87 lmg in warzone

Call of Duty’s statistics king JGOD has revealed his pick for Warzone’s most underrated weapon, explaining why you should be using the powerful SA87 LMG, and sharing the attachments you need to turn it into a shredding machine.

It’s fair to say that Assault Rifles and SMGs are the most popular classes in CoD: Warzone. Of course, there’s always love for Sniper Rifles in Call of Duty too, with the Swiss K31 and Kar98k dominating the meta at the moment.

LMGs can also be potent options too though, given that they are usually quite well-rounded. In fact, it’s one of these high-powered weapons that JGOD has been focusing on, declaring the SA87 “the most underrated weapon currently in Warzone.”

call of duty's sa87 lmg

JGOD immediately starts off the analysis of the SA87 by seeing how it holds up against the RAM-7 and AMAX Assault Rifle – arguably Warzone’s best gun.

“I’m gonna compare this to the AMAX because it’s very similar to the AMAX in a lot of ways, and has the same TTK as the RAM-7.”

He fires a full clip of each weapon into the wall, and the recoil patterns are surprisingly not too dissimilar when comparing an AR to a fully-fledged LMG.

JGOD then systematically broke down some of the main base stats of the three guns. The SA87’s ADS clocks in at 429ms, compared to 407ms for the AMAX, and 400ms for the RAM-7, showing only a narrow difference.

Spring to Fire time is 263ms across all three guns, and there’s a 0.01ms difference in Movement Speed with the SA87 and AMAX sitting at 4.35ms, and RAM-7 at 4.36ms.

Using a TTK chart with the preferred loadouts for each gun, we could then see that the SA87 becomes an extremely viable option at mid-to-long-range engagements.

Within 40 meters the SA87 suffers a bit more compared to its mobile counterparts, but once it cross that threshold, its TTK outclasses the RAM-7 by killing a whole 0.10 seconds quicker at about 42-43 meters. It also manages to match the RAM-7 as the distance increases, with the AMAX still edging both of them.

JGOD’s SA87 LMG loadout in Warzone

JGOD describing his SA87 loadout in Warzone
  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Laser: Tac Laser
  • Optic: VLK 3.0x Optic
  • Underbarrel: Ranger Foregrip
  • Ammunition: 60 Round Mags

JGOD explains that the Monolithic Suppressor is perfect for giving you “bullet velocity and range,” but to avoid the barrels as they don’t work well with the SA87.

The Tac-Laser is great for stabilizing the gun, and the VLK 3.0X Optic is a natural optic for enhanced zoom over distances.

Ranger Forgegrip is perfect for “cutting down on the vertical component” of the gun’s recoil, whereas the 60 Round Mags are a big part of the advantage over the AMAX.

Many people respect JGOD’s words and findings and may choose to give the SA87 a whirl. However, with the likes of the AMAX nailed down as Warzone favorites, we don’t expect the SA87 to take over anytime soon.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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