JGOD proves abandoned Cold War AR is still a “laser” with no recoil Warzone loadout

Liam Mackay
JGOD with Sims holding Krig 6 in Cold WAr

Warzone players are fed up with the NZ-41 dominating the Assault Rifle meta, but top YouTuber JGOD has brought back a classic Cold War gun that’s still a “laser” in Season 4.

Warzone’s NZ-41 received major buffs throughout Season 3 catapulting it to the meta spot, but the community now feels it’s long overstayed its welcome. While they’ve been desperate for the NZ-41 to finally be nerfed once and for all, luckily, Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep allow for a much more open meta.

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YouTuber and Warzone expert JGOD has been experimenting with some of the previous meta weapons and discovered an abandoned Cold War Assault Rifle that’s still a “laser” with no recoil.

Krig 6 Assault Rifle in Warzone

With the NZ-41 dominating Warzone’s meta since before the Season 4 update and surviving three nerfs, top YouTuber JGOD has been trying out some classic weapons such as the Cold War AK-47, M13, and the Krig 6.

While JGOD acknowledged the Krig 6 “hasn’t really gotten much usage because of all of the changes with Cold War, Vanguard, and Modern Warfare over time,” he was still beaming players across Rebirth Island with it.

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What makes the Krig 6 so powerful is its low recoil, where even though it might not hit as hard as some of the meta Vanguard weapons, you won’t have any trouble landing shots. He compares it to another fan-favorite Modern Warfare gun, calling it the “Kilo 2.0.”

JGOD paired the Krig 6 with the Sten, a forgotten SMG that has a faster TTK than some of the most popular guns. Using both the Krig and the Sten, JGOD racked up an easy 15 kills for the win on Rebirth Island.

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JGOD’s no recoil Warzone Krig 6 loadout

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: 15″ CMV Mil-Spec
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Magazine: STANAG 60 Rnd

JGOD has brought back the classic Warzone Krig 6 loadout, using attachments that improve its range and reduce its recoil.

Combining the Agency Suppressor and 15″ CMV Mil-Spec barrel improves almost every aspect of the Krig, giving it more range, higher bullet velocity, and less recoil. Adding the Field Agent Grip reduces the recoil even more, giving it the “laser” status.

Finally, you’ll need the Axial Arms 3x optic to stay on target, and the STANAG 60 Rnd mags to take down more enemies before reloading.

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The Krig could become top-tier if Vanguard weapons see major nerfs soon, perhaps in the upcoming Season 4 Reloaded update that brings the Rebirth of the Dead playlist.

Image Credit: Activision / JGOD

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