JGOD explains why you should still use C58 Assault Rifle despite nerf

Matt Porter
Warzone's C58 and JGOD

The C58 Assault Rifle has been one of the standout weapons in Warzone Season 4, and YouTube’s resident expert JGOD thinks the gun is still viable despite a recent nerf.

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded caused a major shake-up to the game’s meta with a huge number of weapon balancing changes.

While no gun has been completely dominating the game, the C58 Assault Rifle has been popular with players, especially thanks to a glitch with the weapon’s 4x Optic scope. With this attachment, the recoil on the gun was greatly reduced, making it incredibly easy to aim and take down enemies.

While Raven Software moved quickly to address this, dropping a patch on July 21 to fix the scope, JGOD believes players should continue using the weapon despite the nerf it received in that update.

Jackal using Warzone and Cold War's C58

In a video uploaded on July 21, YouTube’s resident Warzone expert JGOD broke down the recoil changes to the C58, showing that the 4x Optic was now closely matched to the 3x and Reflex sights.

While some may think that these changes make the C58 relatively useless now, JGOD disagrees, explaining that it’s still a powerful option for players.

“One thing I’ll point out is that this thing is still going to be easy to manage,” the YouTuber stated. “Even at long-range distances, I think an average player who’s played CoD for a while should be able to manage this particular recoil because it’s just straight up.”

“It’s a pretty straightforward change that was definitely needed. It’s still meta, I think this is still going to be a top-tier weapon, but instead of opting for the 4x Optic, we’ll switch over to the 3x.”

While JGOD admits that he hasn’t actually been using the C58 himself, he still thinks those who have been terrorizing Verdansk ’84 with it can still compete at the very top of the meta.

If you’re not feeling the C58 any longer though, you can check out our picks for the best Warzone assault rifles to choose your next weapon.

Image Credits: Raven Software / YouTube: JGOD

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