JGOD explains what the best all-around weapon is in Warzone Season 4

Joseph Pascoulis

With the Warzone Season 4 update, new weapons have entered the meta, with one weapon, in particular, JGOD is calling the “best all-around weapon.”

Warzone Season 4 is packed with new content, with a new Battle Pass, weapons, and map updates, but and a variety of weapon changes that have shaken up the meta.

The AMAX dominated in Season 3, but now the weapon has been nerfed, and others have received a buff, which has lead Warzone stats master JGOD to believe there is one that has taken its place.

Warzone Season 4 best all around weapon

In JGOD’s latest video, he showcased the XM4 in Warzone Season 4, explaining how it is currently the “most versatile” weapon in the game and provides some class setups for particular playstyles.

JGOD believes the XM4 can perform as an SMG, Sniper support, and a long-range option “if you stack it appropriately.”

Best Warzone XM4 loadouts for Season 4

XM4 SMG loadout

XM4 SMG build

The SMG build for the XM4 is built for mobility, better sprint to fire time, strafe speed, and faster ADS. The build also features the 45 round mag for increased mobility while also maintaining a decent-sized magazine.

This build can compete with SMG stats, in terms of ADS, movement speed, and magazine size, while also dominating in the bullet velocity category.

XM4 sniper support loadout

XM4 sniper support loadout

The Sniper support build features the standard suppressor for some mobility, as the 13.5″ Task Force barrel will increase range and bullet velocity. The Sniper support build will also have a clean optic instead of the iron sights to stay on target at those longer ranges.

For Trios and Squads, JGOD recommends using the 60 round mag, but for those who play solos, the 45 round mag will give you more mobility.

XM4 long-range loadout

XM4 long-range loadout

Lastly, the long-range build is stacked for bullet velocity, damage range, and accuracy. The Field Agent grip will help players controlling the recoil at those longer ranges, while the 60 round magazine allows players to maintain fire at range.

Of course, the Axial arms 3x is great for longer ranges, especially with the Cold War optic changes last season.

That’s all for JGOD‘s best all-around weapon in Warzone Season 4, make sure you also check out our Fara 83, CW AK-47, and Krig 6 builds, as these are the weapons that JGOD states can also be versatile like the XM4.

Image Credits: JGOD / Activision / Raven Software

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