JGOD explains the best Cold War optics in Warzone following May 27 update changes

Best Warzone Cold War Optics

After the latest update on May 27, JGOD goes through all the optic changes, explaining how big the changes are and which Warzone Cold War optics are the best.

Warzone had had quite a few updates in the past few weeks, from the Season 3 Reloaded patch to the ’80s Action Hero event.

In the most recent update, Warzone developers, Raven Software, decided it was time to tweak and rework some of the Black Ops Cold War optics that haven’t been as great as the original Modern Warfare ones.

best Cold War Optics

Call of Duty: Warzone YouTuber, JGOD, took the time to test the new optics and decide which ones are now the best.

The YouTuber shows off the new Cold War optics in the video, comparing their accuracy and look compared to other scopes in the game. As well as this, JGOD also showed off the AMAX nerf, which he still believes is one of the best guns in the game, despite the headshot nerf.

Best Warzone Cold War Optics

warzone best cold war optic

JGOD tested all the new optics in Plunder and compared them to iron sights and Modern Warfare optics. As well as the Tundra optic change, which removed the lens distortion, JGOD goes into detail on the 3x and 4x Cold War optics and what they now look like after the update.

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Although the zoom levels look pretty much the same, JGOD does feel as if the new 4x and 3x Cold War reworked optics can now compete with the Modern Warfare optics like the VLK. Previously these sights took up a lot of the screen and interfered with the player’s peripheral visibility.

In terms of recoil, JGOD states these new Cold War sights perform similarly to the Modern Warfare sights, helping stability and accuracy for those longer ranged engagements.

Therefore, both the 3x and 4x Cold War sights perform much better than they previously did and can now also help accuracy and recoil control due to their rework, making the sights more clean and smooth.

JGOD closes the video by saying the best Warzone Cold War optics “are much cleaner than they were initially” and will offer similar benefits to the most loved sights from Modern Warfare.

That’s all on the new Cold War optics update on Warzone. For more, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our recent article on the best EBR loadout for CoD: Warzone Season 3.

Image Credits: JGOD/Activision/Raven Software

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