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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone players call for devs to nerf the sun on Verdansk ’84

Call of Duty: Warzone players are calling for the devs to make changes on Verdansk ’84, which involves reducing the sun’s glare.



warzone verdansk sun

Call of Duty Warzone players are now calling for the developers to “nerf the sun” after users experience strong glare that can be quite distracting.

Since the release of Verdansk ’84 in Warzone Season 3, the lighting drastically changed on the map to help improve complaints about it being too dark in places.

Although there has definitely been an improvement in the lighting, there are still issues, and players are now calling for the devs to reduce the sun glare, which can be very strong at times.

Warzone Verdansk sun

In Warzone’s most recent update, the developers decided to nerf the AMAX even further, which, although many players weren’t too happy about, was definitely needed. As well as players calling for changes to ground loot, there is now also a demand to reduce the strong sun glare players have been experiencing on Verdansk ’84.

Not only have players been calling for Raven Software to introduce the same lighting on Rebirth Island onto Verdansk, but now there is strong demand to turn “nerf the sun.”

Warzone Verdansk sun glare

Warzone verdansk sun

Reddit user Nubanuba posted complaints about the issue, saying, “Nerfing the AMAX is cool and all, but can we please nerf THE SUN?”

It seems on certain parts of the map that the sun can give off a very strong glare, which can actually prevent players from seeing what’s going on in front of them.

This user isn’t the only player who’s been experiencing these issues as well, with others weighing in on the problem in the comments.

One user even gives an example of how the sun glare can ruin a players experience, saying:

“The haze is extremely unnecessary. Got into a sniper duel with a squad on the array and my team and I were at TV station. I was on the south antenna looking toward the array with a 3.5x scope. Could barely see anything and they were picking us off like it was cool. I can recall about a dozen gunfights on OG Verdansk that were very similar (minus the array itself, obvs) and I could see fine.”

This is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed, especially as it is interfering with the player experience. It seems the issue is most prominent around TV Station and Array, so players should be wary around these areas, as you may be sniped by someone you won’t have a visual on due to sun glare.

Hopefully, we see a fix for this soon, as it has been acknowledged recently by one of the VFX members on the Warzone development team. For more on Warzone, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our recent article on Nakatomi Plaza staying after Season 3.

Image Credits: Raven Software/Activision