JGOD discovers Agency Suppressors in Warzone have received a buff

Nicholas Sakadelis
COD Warzone Season 2 - Agency Suppressor Changes

It appears that the Agency Suppressor for Warzone X Black Ops Cold War Season Two has now been buffed after the March 3 update.

In an update earlier today, March 3, 2021, Raven Software finally reverted the Agency Suppressor to its previous stats after accidently nerfing it with the Warzone Season 2 update. Since the beginning of the season, the pivotal attachment was missing from many Black Ops Cold War loadouts, meaning a lot of players were opting to use weapons without the muzzle.

If players did opt to continue to use the muzzle, this would lead to decreased weapon stats, giving players not running the Agency Suppressor a distinct advantage at all ranges. This change was detrimental to the Black Ops Cold War armory, since all weapons would be unsuppressed while firing, showing players on the radar.

For the Modern Warfare weapons, the Monolithic Suppressor attachment has always been a signature on Warzone weapons, giving players much-needed range boosts and complete immunity to appearing on the radar while firing. In Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War’s Warzone, Raven imitated the effects of the Monolithic Suppressor with the Agency Suppressor.

Fast-forwarding to Season 2, it appears Raven Software has finally fixed the stats of the Agency Suppressor for Black Ops Cold War weapons. This includes a buff specific to SMGs, according to popular YouTuber JGOD.

Apparently, the Black Ops Cold War SMGs now have a bullet velocity and damage range buff with the Agency Suppressor equipped, giving a huge boost to the SMG class.

As more players catch onto this stat, we’ll may see players opt to return to the MAC-10 SMG over running a FFAR as a secondary. Currently, the FFAR is still one of the fastest killing weapons in the game, and Raven has not commented on any nerfs.

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Good luck in the Warzone. Stay frosty.

Image Credits: Activision