Is Warzone’s minigun chopper finally coming in Season 4? New teaser hints at return

Liam Mackay
Attack helicopter warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Attack Helicopter has been quickly removed from the game twice over invisibility issues, but the devs have teased its third arrival in the Season 4 trailer.

Warzone Season 4 has finally been revealed, teasing all of the upcoming weapons, Operators, and vehicles coming to the game. In the trailer, fans spotted the G3 rifle, Nail Gun, and Fireteam and Outbreak’s motorbike, that will likely be coming to the game.

The trailer also showed off the Attack Helicopter which has been removed from the game twice already after it a glitch was turning players invisible. With the minigun chopper appearing in the teaser, will it be coming back for good in Season 4?

Warzone mini gun chopper

Warzone’s Attack Helicopter, or minigun chopper, is exactly what it says on the tin – a helicopter with a minigun strapped to the side. Not only can players use the helicopters to quickly navigate Verdansk ’84 and squash unsuspecting players, but they can also rain down hell on anyone below.

The minigun chopper was set to arrive with Black Ops Cold War’s integration, but a strange glitch with it was allowing players to turn invisible. Raven “temporarily removed” the Attack Helicopter, saying that it would “return once the related issues have been fixed.”

Cut to Warzone Season 2, and the minigun helicopter finally returned, but the invisibility glitch also returned with it. Raven removed the Attack Helicopter once more but left it out of Season 3 entirely.

Warzone Season 4 attack helicopter

Third time lucky, the saying goes; the Attack Helicopter has made a brief appearance in the Season 4 trailer, seemingly confirming its return. With devs leaving it out of Season 3 entirely, they’ve likely used this time to fix the pesky glitch turning players invisible.

With Season 4 arriving on June 17, hopefully the minigun chopper will be here to stay this time around.

Image Credit: Activision

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