How to use game-breaking Warzone attachment combo to get insane sprint speed

Hamza Khalid
Warzone Pacific operator aiming Marco 5

A few specific Vanguard attachments have now become broken after the Warzone Pacific Season 4 update, and you can now equip them to get insane sprint and movement speed.

The Warzone Season 4 update brought plenty of changes that may have a major impact on the popular Call of Duty title’s meta, including new guns like the Marco 5 as well as weapon buffs and nerfs.

A few Vanguard weapons have become significantly faster after the arrival of this update, and one game-breaking attachment combo is granting players extremely fast sprint speed.

Sten in Warzone

Warzone expert JGOD showcased this in a video where he explained how equipping the Taped Grip and Mark VI Skeletal on any Vanguard SMG and several different rifles will allow you to max out your movement and sprint speeds.

He stated that using these attachments will allow you to zoom across your opponents’ screens. In his weapon loadout, he also equipped the Perfetto Lesto 35mm barrel, Imerito FR stock 8mm Kurz 36 Round Mags, Momentum, and Quick for additional movement boosts.

JGOD used a MAC-10 movement build and the person next to him used a movement build for a Vanguard weapon. Even though the Warzone expert got a headstart, the other player was able to catch up to him extremely fast.

After this, JGOD and the other player swapped weapon builds, and the Warzone expert was able to pass him by almost instantly. This showed that using that weapon combo greatly boosts your sprint speed.

When showing the difference between the movement builds for the MAC-10 and Marco 5, it was evident that the forward movement speed for the Vanguard weapon was almost as much as the sprinting speed of the MAC-10.

Warzone Operators on Cadlera

JGOD described these attachments as “bugged” and singled out the Taped Grip as being “inherently broken.” It’s likely that the developers will nerf this build soon, so you only have a limited time to try it out.

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Image credits: Activision

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