How to use Bombardment streak in CoD: Warzone Season 2: Where to get key

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cod warzone bombardment

Warzone Season 2 is about to become a lot more explosive thanks to the new Bombardment killstreak that players can unlock. Our full guide will detail the streak, what it does, and where you can find a Protocol Key to obtain one.

You may have seen weird computer screens appear around Verdansk that indicate the potential threat level of Verdansk’s zombie invasion. These Containment Monitor Stations are now working Buy Stations that can provide players with access to a special, new killstreak.

Not only is the Foresight streak a fresh option for players to consider, but Bombardment’s capabilities could be detrimental to other players, making it worth acquiring.

What is the Bombardment streak in Warzone?

cod warzone season 2 bombardment streak key

If players access one of the new Containment Monitor Stations, they’ll find a new section called Containment Protocol.

In this sub-menu is Warzone’s new Bombardment streak. If someone is able to trigger one, then it will begin a bombing run similar to that of the Cluster Strike and Precision Airstrike. However, its radius is much bigger, and its duration is more substantial.

But don’t get your hopes up thinking you’ll be able to save it to use during the end game as Bombardment only affects the area in which Zombies are present. It will pepper the designated area, indicated by a black circle on the map, with a minute’s worth of bombs, surely killing anyone caught outside in it.

How to get the Bombardment streak in Warzone

cod warzone season 2 zombies yellow chest

Unlike all other items that are available at Buy Stations, the Bombardment streak does not require cash to obtain. Instead, the screen will say “Requires Key”, meaning that you need to procure one of these special items to use one.

Here’s how you can gain access to the Bombardment Streak:

  1. Head to the current location of the Zombies presence
  2. Activate the Zombies side mission and kill the required amount
  3. Acquire the Yellow Keycard
  4. Open the Yellow Crate and hope you acquire a “Protocol Key”
  5. Head to a Containment Monitor Station and use the key
  6. Get yourself a Bombardment streak
  7. Use it and watch the fireworks

Is this going to be a killstreak that will ultimately break Warzone? Probably not.

Hiding inside will help you to evade the clutches of the explosions, and once people cotton on to the Bombardment streak, we imagine Zombie areas will become less populated.

Nevertheless, it’s a fun new addition to Warzone that is not only fun but further supports the idea that Verdansk is heading for complete and total devastation to make way for a new map.

Image credits: Activision

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