How to unlock the Krig 6 Hazardous blueprint in Warzone Season 1

Andrew Highton

The Krig 6 has been a meta-breaker for the longest time, now it’s in Warzone to rack up even more kills. To make it look more stylish, find out how to unlock the gun’s Hazardous blueprint.

The Warzone is even badder and more fearsome now that it’s packing an even bigger arsenal of deadly weapons for people to get their hands on. One such weapon is the Krig 6 that comes directly from Treyarch’s Black Ops Cold War.

The Krig 6 has excellent accuracy, superb damage, and its impact extends perfectly at range. It’s a popular weapon of choice, but make yours stand out by learning how to earn and apply the Hazardous blueprint.

Unlock the Krig 6 Hazardous blueprint in Warzone

The central focus for these challenges is Rebirth Island – the new map added to Warzone. There are 16 challenges for you to power your way through in order to land the Hazardous blueprint.

Be warned though, 16 may not seem like a lot of objectives for you to complete, but the nature of them means you’ll be doing them for quite some time.

krig 6 hazardous blueprint in cod warzone

Here’s what you’ll need to do unlock the blueprint:

  • Pilot a vehicle for 20 minutes on Rebirth Island
  • Complete any 30 contracts on Rebirth Island
  • Buy 30 Killstreak items on Rebirth Island
  • Collect 200 piles of plunder from the ground on Rebirth Island
  • Open 100 crates on Rebirth Island
  • Collect your loadout 20 times on Rebirth Island
  • Place in the top 30% 5 times on Rebirth Island
  • Get 300 kills with a Common weapon on Rebirth Island
  • Get 30 kills with a legendary weapon on Rebirth Island
  • Get 2 kills or assists while in a vehicle on Rebirth Island
  • Destroy 1 vehicle carrying enemies on Rebirth Island
  • Use 50 armor plates on Rebirth Island
  • Place in the 30% 15 times on Rebirth Island
  • Place in the top 30% 30 times on Rebirth Island
  • Get a kill before the first circle closes 1 time on Rebirth Island
  • Kill 100 Downed enemies on Rebirth Island

From a glance, if destroying vehicles or completing contracts isn’t something you do normally, then you’re definitely going to have to go out of your way to do it now.

So there you go, if you want to customize your Krig 6 to have that dirgy, chemically look, then you had better get to work on Rebirth Island!

Image credits: Treyarch