How to throw C4 twice as far in Warzone Season 3

Liam Mackay
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YouTuber JGOD has demonstrated a simple trick to throw C4 twice as far in Warzone Season 3, countering its previous nerf.

When Warzone first launched in March 2020, C4 was the go-to Lethal Equipment. Not only was it capable of destroying vehicles instantly, but it could be thrown insanely far. Due to its power and popularity, the C4 received a significant nerf, limiting how far you can throw them.

After this, Semtex and Thermite Grenades appear to be the better option, but YouTuber JGOD has explained how you can throw C4 twice as far in Season 3.

How JGOD throws C4 twice as far in Warzone

Warzone C4

As vehicles drive at you in Warzone, hell-bent on running you over for a free kill, a well-thrown C4 can often be the difference between life and death. Unfortunately, with the updated C4 throw, this is much more difficult to pull off, and your timing has to be impeccable.

JGOD demonstrates how moving allows you to throw the C4 further. Running makes the C4 go further than walking, and Tac Sprinting makes it go further than running. This is quite a simple trick, but there’s one mechanic that could trip players up when trying to execute the perfect C4 toss.

‘Jump throw’ is a standard mechanic in most shooters such as Call of Duty and CSGO. By jumping as you throw, you give the grenade more momentum, thus throwing it further. However, it’s easy to trip up while doing this with the C4.

As JGOD explains, if you run, jump, and then throw, you’ll lose all momentum and the C4 will flop out of your hands. But if you Tac Sprint, throw, and then jump, your C4 will go twice as far.

With the dominance of bertha trucks in solos and the prominence of building campers in Verdansk ’84, this C4 trick will give you much more versatility in your gameplay.

Image Credit: Activision

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