How to open the Nakatomi Plaza vault in Warzone Operation Flashback

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cod warzone nakatomi plaza

Warzone Season 6 players can pay homage to the 1988 action film Die Hard by opening Nakatomi Plaza’s vault in Verdansk.

Nakatomi Plaza is one of the most iconic buildings in cinema as it birthed Bruce Willis’ everyman hero John McClane, introduced the world to the late Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber, and played host to one of the definitive action films of all time.

But now Warzone players get to re-enact some of its best action as Nakatomi Plaza has landed in Verdansk ’84. It has cool secrets to uncover, so here’s a full guide on how to unlock the Vault in Operation Flashback.

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How to open Nakatomi Plaza Vault in Operation Flashback

Nakatomi Plaza warzone poi

One of Verdansk’s most well-liked POIs has a massive vault containing a ton of cash. Players will need to obtain a keycard to open the vault.

On the 31st floor of the Nakatomi Plaza POI, you will find the sacred Vault that Hans Gruber’s team spent an entire night trying to get into.

Warzone’s Operation Flashback is giving players access to some of the fan-favorite places of interest in Verdansk. Opening Nakatomi Plaza’s secret vault one last time while you still can is a must.

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  1. Land at the bottom floor of Nakatomi Plaza
  2. Look for the keycard in boxes on the second and third floor
  3. Head to Nakatomi’s 31st floor via the elevator cables
  4. Use the keycard to access and open the vault
  5. Enjoy the excessive amount of cash and special items.

Check out our full guide on the rewards you can find inside Nakatomi Plaza too!

So what are you waiting for? Go and live out your action hero fantasy and become the hero of Nakatomi Plaza on the way to a Warzone Victory.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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