How to get legendary loot from Warzone Stadium without a key

Hamza Khalid
Warzone Stadium

A plethora of new changes came to Call of Duty: Warzone after Season 2 went live, and players have realized that they can now access the Stadium’s legendary loot rooms without using a key, here’s how.

After Warzone Season 2 finally arrived, CoD fans were presented with a ton of new content to explore. This includes various map changes to Verdansk, such as alterations to the game’s bunkers and secret loot.

You can’t access the bunkers alongside the Subway and Stadium’s parking lot anymore, but a few players have made an exciting discovery. It turns out that the Stadium’s easter egg rooms have been unlocked, and they contain some awesome loot.

Warzone Stadium

How to access Warzone’s Stadium loot rooms

There are a total of three easter egg rooms that you can find within Warzone’s Stadium, and at least two of them have been confirmed to be unlocked. Before you can get your hands on some loot, you’ll have to search for these areas.

Luckily, these aren’t particularly difficult to find, but we’ve made things a bit easier by marking their locations below.

Stadium rooms locations in Warzone Season 2

Here’s where you should search for the loot locations in the Stadium:

  1. On the westernmost corner of the middle level near the bar
  2. On the top floor, near the southernmost corner
  3. On the top floor, located north-east of No. 2

Reddit user errlloyd posted a clip in the Warzone subreddit of their venture into a loot room. The video showcased them accessing the room without a card, and finding a ton of legendary loot chests inside

Apparently, this is something that players weren’t previously aware of, and the comments were filled with impressed fans. Since no cards are necessary for any of the rooms, anyone can drop in and loot for free.

“Well damn that’s gonna be useful for quick loadouts” wrote SkipperPig13. We can expect these rooms to become a regular point of contention among Warzone players who want to collect some useful loot.

While the Parking Lot room is now closed off, you can access the other, above-ground ones for some quick loadouts. Since not many players currently know about this, be sure to sneak into these rooms before they catch on.

Image Credits: Activision / Treyarch

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