How to get free Warzone Red Room Milano Easter Egg blueprint on Rebirth Reinforced

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone rebirth reinforced red room milano blueprint

Call of Duty: Warzone players have discovered a new secret on the Season 2 Reloaded Rebirth Reinforced map, which gifts the Red Room Milano Easter Egg blueprint.

The Warzone Pacific Season 2 reloaded update added a lot of new content for players. From changes to health, a new SMG, and Golden Vaults, Warzone players are still getting to grips with all the new content.

That being said, players have found a new Easter Egg on the Rebirth Reinforced map which gifts the Red Room Milano blueprint for free.

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milano warzone smg

With all the changes to Warzone’s current maps, players are still getting used to new POIs and aspects of the Season 2 Reloaded update.

As for Rebirth Island, the update brought some big changes to the small map, including new Communications Towers which allow players to complete some pretty awesome community-based challenges and rewards.

On this new version of Rebirth Island, players have also found a new secret that allows them to obtain a pretty awesome blueprint for the Milano SMG, so here’s how to get it.

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How to get the Red Room Milano blueprint on Rebirth Reinforced

warzone rebirth reinforced milano red room blueprint location

For this Easter Egg, players will simply need to be the first player in the lobby to pick this blueprint up from a room inside the Headquarters POI. We have marked the correct building on the map above.

Once inside the building, head all the way to the bottom floor and pick up the Red Room Milano blueprint from the table that has all the documents on it.

You can also get a keycard from this room which is another addition to the map added in Season 2 Reloaded that allows players to get some seriously great loot.

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That’s all for how you can acquire the Red Room Milano blueprint on Rebirth Reinforced in Warzone Pacific Season 2. For more, check out how to use Deployable Buy Stations in Warzone.

Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision