Where to find every Bunker in Call of Duty: Warzone

Andrew Highton
cod warzone bunker

If you’re wanting to break into one of Warzone’s many bunkers but aren’t sure where they are, then our guide should help you locate them all and make your CoD experience more pleasant.

Bunkers are a huge and calculated risk that need to be handled with great trepidation. Whilst they do possess some fabulous rewards and benefits that could sway the game in your favor, they also pose a high risk.

Given that they’re out in the open and people can learn where their locations are, you can expect a tussle or two before you even get a chance to open one. But before that, you’ve got to find them first, and here’s how.

CoD: Warzone Bunker locations

Activision Blizzard‘s Verdansk is a large map with plenty of room for conflict. It just also so happens to be big enough to contain some treasure-heavy bunkers for you to find and feast on.

This is where you can find all the bunkers.

cod warzone bunker map and locations

Bunker 00

Near the Promenade West coast, go down the rocks and you’ll come across a path to this mischievously hidden spot

Bunker 01

This one can be found to the North of the Go-Kart track and southwest of the Boneyard

cod warzone bunker 01

Bunker 02

From Bunker 01, simply drive in a Northernly direction down the road until you come to the next one

Bunker 03

An easy one as it’s right near to Bunker 02, but keep an eye out for a secret trap door

Bunker 04

Bunker 04 can be found Southeast of “Dam” and it’s hidden in the cliffs high-above the large Russian sign

Bunker 05

West of the “Crash Site”

cod warzone bunker 05

Bunker 06

You’ll need to go the very Eastern-most side of the map and this bunker is betwixt the “Quarry” and “Lumber”, somewhere above the train tunnel

Bunker 07

Again, this is another trap door one and you can find the trap door East of the “TV station” and then North-East of “Stadium”

Bunker 08

A simple one as it’s on the opposite side of Bunker 08, just head down the steps and go inside

Bunker 09

Number 9 is located North-East of “Prison” and it’s buried in the cliff below the bridge

cod warzone bunker 09

Bunker 10

This one is South of “Tavorsk Park” on the Southern edge of Verdansk

Bunker 11

To find the illusive Bunker 11, you will need to head to the north Verdansk until you’re next to the “Military Base”.

It’s tucked away in the mountains and is well-concealed, but look for some crates and a generator near its gates.

cod warzone bunker 11

That is the location of all of Warzone’s bunkers and now it’s a case of you choosing where to land and which bunker to pursue.

Hopefully it helps and stay tuned for more Warzone guides on the way.

Image credits: Activision Blizzard

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