Genius Warzone play shows why Portable Decontamination Stations change the game

Luca Di Marzo
PDS Warzone Field Upgrade

This 200 IQ Warzone play shows off the ideal way to make use of a Portable Decontamination Station and how they can change the game.

Although Warzone players still have various bugs and glitches to deal with, Season 2 has delivered a ton of new content. Most of the new content is being received well as Warzone continues to evolve throughout Season 2.

We’ve already seen some new additions put to great use like the Redeploy Balloons, and now it seems like players are finding creative ways to incorporate Portable Decontamination Stations into the game.

Portable Decontamination Station Warzone Season 2

A vital addition that falls under Season 2‘s theme of chemical warfare is the inclusion of the new Portable Decontamination Station as a Field Upgrade. These useful tools are scattered across Caldera and will create a protective area that filters toxic air when activated.

Of course, toxic air also includes the gas that comes with the Circle Collapse. It didn’t take long for players to realize how overpowered the PDS can prove to be during the late game.

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As you’re about to see in the video, using the PDS to make plays within the gas during the final circle is a genius strategy.

The Field Upgrade will allow you to momentarily survive the gas and reposition to an advantageous position. What makes this particular clip truly outrageous is the fact that the player also incorporates a Redeploy Balloon to make an insane game-winning play.

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PDS will evidently impact Warzone by changing the way players think about the final circle. Holding on to a PDS for late-game use is sure to be a common strategy and if executed properly, it can open up a path to victory.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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