Furious Nadeshot slams Infinity Ward after Warzone 2 crash: “Fix your sh*t!”

Matt Porter
Warzone 2 player sniping and Nadeshot speaking on Twitch

Warzone 2’s launch has been blighted by performance issues on PC, and 100 Thieves CEO Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag couldn’t hold back his frustration when his game crashed 9 hours into his Nuke hunt.

Unsurprisingly, the hype surrounding the release of Warzone 2 was absolutely huge, with players desperate to jump into the game and battle for victories on Al Mazrah.

While many aspects of the map have been praised, such as the new map and the powerful weaponry, the game’s launch hasn’t all been smooth sailing. For PC players, the first couple of weeks have been tricky, with plenty of complaints about game crashes, stuttering, and low FPS.

While hunting for Tactical Nukes on his November 28 Twitch stream, former professional Call of Duty player Nadeshot became the latest victim of a game crash, slamming Infinity Ward when his game died on the cusp of his fifth win in a row.

“Dumbass f**king game bro,” fumed the former OpTic star. “You sit here for nine hours trying to do this sh*t. You get to the fifth f**king game and the sh*t crashes on a state-of-the-art PC! [I spent] five grand on this thing for the f**king game to crash!”

“I know I sound like a whiny little b*tch complaining about a video game, but Jesus Christ. Fix your f**king sh*t! You just made a billion dollars, and you’ve done it every year. Every f**king year you have made $1+ billion from this game, and I can’t even f**king play it!”

Despite his clear anger and frustration at the state of the game, Nadeshot later admitted that watching the moment back was “embarrassing,” saying that he “lost his cool” and that he finds Warzone 2 fun.

“If you watched this clip independently, you’ll have missed the hours and hours where I praised the game,” he wrote. “It’s not perfect, there’s a lot of bugs, but it’s a great addition to the franchise.”

“I don’t want any IW employees to feel as if their hard work has gone unnoticed. If you worked on this game at [Infinity Ward] or [Activision], please don’t take my words personally.”

Unfortunately for Nadeshot though, the crash meant his hunt for a Tactical Nuke remains unfinished, and he will need to win five games back-to-back to have a shot at completing this challenge again.

If you’re playing the game on your computer, make sure your settings are as optimized as possible with our guide to the best Warzone 2 PC settings.

Image credits: Infinity Ward / Twitch: Nadeshot

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