Frustrated Dr Disrespect explains why he’s taking a break from Warzone

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After reaching a boiling point with Warzone Season 3, Dr Disrespect had declared that he needs to take a break from the battle royale game and has explained why he thinks the game is “unplayable.”

It’s fair to say that Dr Disrespect has gone back and forth over Verdansk ’84, both hating and enjoying aspects of the newly-introduced map.

A couple of weeks ago he wasn’t impressed by the map updates, then he was lamenting the state of Warzone solos and commenting on how the mode could be improved, and then he came full-circle by saying that Verdansk ’84 “feels good!”

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But now, Dr Disrespect, also known as Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, has reverted back to his original state of mind saying that he needs to step away from Warzone for the time being.

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His complaints originated on April 30 during a live YouTube stream on his official channel. His rant began by stating, “I gotta stop playing it. I don’t get anything out of it anymore, at all, really. Snipes here and there once in a while. Erm, but if it’s not obvious it should be, I have no interest in playing this game.”

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He elaborates further by saying, “Especially with this map and with this season.” So it’s clear that his recent positive views on Verdansk ’84 were short-lived and perhaps in the heat of the moment.

Dr Disrepsect says that he has one more tournament, so he’ll take part in it, and after that, he will “figure things out.” He’s clearly very upset with the game and what he feels it’s not offering at the moment, adding that Warzone “is such a bland experience for me.”

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Time stamp: 4:36:15

He notes that the overabundance of Dead Silence and Stopping Power doesn’t help and it results in “cheesy” deaths.

His misery with Warzone was also compounded by a short-lived return to his game in which lag seemingly cost him a death. It amused Dr Disrespect more than it angered him, declaring the game as “unplayable.”

It may just need another day or two of good Warzone results to turn things around, but one of Warzone’s most popular figures is definitely not happy with the game’s current state of affairs.

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Image Credits: Dr Disrespect / Activision