Forgotten Modern Warfare Sniper Rifle is one of Warzone’s most powerful weapons

Ghost using SP-R 208 in Warzone Pacific

Modern Warfare’s SP-R 208 Marksman Rifle has been largely forgotten about, but it’s actually remained a top-tier sniper in Warzone Pacific Season 1’s meta.

Sniping is as popular as ever in Warzone Pacific, with the fan-favorite Modern Warfare Kar98k and Swiss K31 taking up the majority of Sniper Rifle loadouts. Vanguard’s Sniper Rifles haven’t found the same popularity, with players begging for major buffs.

However, there’s an underused Modern Warfare sniper that’s just as good as, if not better than, the Kar98k and Swiss K31 – the SP-R 208 Marksman Rifle. Here’s why it’s so good, and the attachments you should be using.

Best Warzone SPR Loadout

Popular FPS YouTuber Westie recently highlighted the SP-R 208, saying it’s “meta again” and that he actually prefers it to the ever-popular Swiss K31.

The SPR-208 falls under the Modern Warfare’s Marksman Rifle category, which makes it much faster than a traditional Sniper Rifle such as the HDR. But its stats aren’t to be sniffed at either, as it has a faster bullet velocity than both the Kar98k and Swiss K31.

According to TrueGameData, Westie’s SP-R 208 loadout has a bullet velocity of 1,251 m/s, which puts it ahead of the Kar98k’s 1,110 m/s and the Swiss’ 1102 m/s. This faster bullet velocity makes sniping much easier, where you barely need to account for the bullet’s travel time.

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You can also drop the Monolithic Suppressor to take advantage of the Focus Perk, which drastically reduces how much your character flinches when getting shot. With highly sought-after changes made to flinch in the Warzone Pacific update, the Focus Perk is perfect for keeping you on target.

Best SP-R 208 Warzone loadout

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: SP-R 208
  • Laser: Tac Laser
  • Optic: Solozero SP-R 28mm
  • Magazine: .300 Norma Mag 5-R Mags

Westie’s SP-R 208 build maximizes its bullet velocity, making it incredibly easy to use when fighting at long range in both Caldera and Rebirth Island.

Combining the Monolithic Suppressor and SP-R 208 barrel gives a huge boost to the velocity, but the .300 Norma Mag 5-R Mags are what sets it apart. Using this magazine increases the velocity by another 33%, bringing it to that impressive 1,251 m/s stat.

Then, the Tac Laser improves the ADS time to make quickscoping easier, and the Solozero SP-R 28mm Optic is your standard sniper scope.

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Image Credit: Activision