FaZe Swagg shows off “fastest killing gun” in Warzone Season 3

Joseph Pascoulis
faze swagg nikita avt warzone pacific season 3

FaZe Swagg claims that the Warzone Season 3 update has brought the fastest killing gun in the game.

The Warzone Pacific Season 3 update brought loads of changes to the game, including various weapon buffs and nerfs.

While some aren’t too happy about the changes, especially to the Snipers, some are enjoying the meta changes, bringing the HDR and STG44 back into the limelight.

Having said that, FaZe Swagg claims the new season has brought the “fastest killing gun” to the game.

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Some players haven’t been enjoying the new weapons that are available to unlock in the Season 3 Battle Pass. The M1916 is a new Marksman Rifle, while the Nikita AVT is the new Assualt Rifle.

The new AR is a fast-firing weapon with low recoil, which Kris “Swagg” Lamberton states is currently the “fastest killing gun” in Warzone Season 3, and that players should “definitely unlock it.”

Having said that, Swagg does warn players that it “doesn’t have AR range,” but it “kills really fast up-close.”

Perhaps it is best for players to use this weapon in Rebirth Island where the gunfights are much more close-combat. However, if you like to run an LMG or Sniper, the Nikita AVT can still perform well on Caldera.

Make sure you check out our best Warzone Nikita AVT loadout to get the most out of the new AR and put FaZe Swagg’s claims to the test.

FaZe Swagg also compares the Nikita AVT to the Cooper Carbine, so if you want to give that weapon a go as well, make sure you check out our best loadout for the Cooper too.

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Image Credits: Activision