FaZe Jev explains how Warzone’s devs should have nerfed Sniper Rifles while keeping them meta

FaZe Jev

Warzone’s best Sniper Rifles received major nerfs back in Season 3 and even though they were buffed again in Season 4 Reloaded, YouTuber FaZe Jev suggested another way Raven could nerf the snipers.

Modern Warfare’s Kar98k and Cold War’s Swiss K31 were at the top of Warzone’s most popular weapons list season after season. However, Raven targetted the best Sniper Rifles in Season 3, removing their ability to one-shot-headshot at any range.

Now, in Season 4 Reloaded, there isn’t a Sniper Rifle in even the top ten most popular. Raven Software gave them a buff in the July 28 update, but FaZe Jev doesn’t feel it’s enough. Instead, he suggested a simple way for the devs to nerf Sniper Rifles while keeping them in the meta.

Wyatt using Kar98k in CoD Warzone

“Sniper Rifles, out of thousands among thousands of times, is picked in less than 10% and they said that that’s a good metric…that to me, is just insane,” explained Jev shortly after the July 28 update when live.

He continued to explain that with how big of a gap there is between how often Assault Rifles and SMGs are picked compared to Sniper Rifles, the nerfs went too far.

“Removing the ability to one-shot-headshot is not the way to nerf these things,” he claimed. “I do agree trying to make the Kar98 feel like sh*t just because it’s fast is not the way to do it.”

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Instead, Jev suggests Raven Software “leave the handling there” but “hit bullet velocity instead.” This way, it would be more difficult to land shots at a distance since “that’s the sh*t people have problems with.”

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He explained this would still reward high-skill players without making Sniper Rifles overpowered again. “[Raven] are particularly good at hitting the skill ceiling and chopping it down while still simultaneously keeping the floor where it is. Just hit bullet velocity, that’s how you nerf Sniper Rifles.”

However, Raven Software feel that Sniper Rifles kill metrics have been a “positive change” so we’ll have to wait and see if they ever go back on their decision. Similarly, they’re introducing new ways for players to access their loadouts following backlash.

Image Credit: FaZe Jev / Activision