Driftor presents the best secondary weapon in Warzone Season 3 Reloaded

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best warzone secondary

Wondering what weapon to use as your secondary when you’re running Ghost? Driftor has provided players with an in-depth of the best secondary you can use in Warzone Season 3 right now.

With all the new weapons added to Warzone since the integration of Cold War, players may be wondering what the best secondary is for Season 3.

It’s clear what primary weapons are the strongest. Although the AMAX did receive a recent nerf, guns like the FARA 83, the PKM, and the AS VAL remain very powerful. However, one thing many players may be wondering is what secondary weapon is the strongest?

best warzone secondary

Although most people like to run the Overkill perk, which allows players to hold a primary as their secondary weapon, some like to run ghost to stay off the radar and be more discreet.

For those who like this playstyle, here is the best secondary you can use according to Driftor.

Best Warzone Secondary weapon

best Warzone secondary

While Driftor does say that the launchers and Kali Sticks can be useful in certain situations, he’d rather have something with more range and reliability.

For a consistent, competitive TTK, Driftor says the “best secondary weapon in Warzone is the Diamatti,” which he believes is the only secondary that can compete with SMGs.

“If you’re good and you hit your shots, and you’re positioned just right, you can beat a lot of submachine gun users, and then of course, just take their submachine gun, and you’ll be fully kitted.”

Driftor also shares the top four secondary pistols players will see in Warzone:

  1. Full Auto Sykov
  2. Diamatti
  3. Renetti
  4. Akimbo M19

Ultimately, the Akimbo M19 is too inconsistent. Despite having the fastest TTK, you really have to get close, and it won’t be as consistent as the Diamatti. Further, the Syvok and Renetti are both beaten by the Diamatti when it comes to TTK. As Driftor says, “As far as practical time to kill, the Diamatti is going to be the King of that.”

Driftor’s Diamatti loadout

Driftor Diamatti loadout
  • Muzzle: Sound Suppressor
  • Barrel: 7.2″ Task Force
  • Laser: Steady Aim Laser
  • Ammunition: STANAG 30 Rnd
  • Rear Grip: Speed Tape

One thing to note about the class is that Driftor only used the Speed Tape Rear Grip for YouTube purposes to show more of the skin on the weapon. It is probably better for players to use one of the other grips they prefer, like the Dropshot Wrap or Field Tape.

For more detail on damage output and rate of fire comparison to the other secondary pistols, check out Driftor’s full video below.

That’s it on the best Warzone secondary weapon to use in Season 3 Reloaded, according to Driftor. Stay tuned on Charlie INTEL for more on Warzone, and check out our article on why you should stop using the Kar98k in Warzone Season 3.

Image Credits: Raven Software/Activision

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