Dr Disrespect never wants to play Warzone Pacific Caldera ever again

dr disrespect warzone pacific caldera

Popular streamer Guy Beahm, aka Dr Disrespect, has shared his feelings towards Warzone Pacific’s map, Caldera, vowing never to play the map ever again.

As well as promoting his own game, Dr Disrespect is also pretty vocal about his feelings towards Warzone Pacific, recently roasting the Godzilla vs Kong event.

While the streamer offered advice for the development of Warzone 2, which has had some vast leaks over the past week, Dr Disrespect showed his dislike for Caldera on stream, stating that he never wants to play the map again.

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Warzone Caldera rocks

Recently the self-proclaimed 2x champion has been enjoying Apex Legends over Warzone, becoming addicted to the ranked grind, especially since all of the Season 13 changes.

While warming up before playing Apex Legends, Dr Disrespect jumped into some Warzone solos on Caldera.

During his short time playing, Dr Disrespect shared his feelings towards the battle royale map, stating that he doesn’t want to play Caldera ever again:

“I’m going to say it right now, I might not ever play Warzone Caldera again…no more Caldera for the two-time, not interested, the game’s phony, it’s designed for eight-year-olds.”

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The Doc even said that he would only play on Caldera when the next season drops, as a new update is a good way for the streamer to “capitalize on some viewership.”

Outside of that, however, Dr Disrespect says he never wants to play Caldera again. It’s not the best publicity for Warzone to have one of the most popular streamers condemning their most recent map.

Having said that, perhaps Warzone 2 will please Dr Disrespect, as recent leaks have revealed some classic MW2 maps that could be returning for Warzone 2’s map.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment