Dr Disrespect admits he likes Warzone’s Verdansk ’84: “It feels good!”

Liam Mackay
Why Dr Disprespect likes Verdansk '84

Top YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect has admitted he really likes the direction Warzone’s devs have taken Verdansk ’84 in Season 3.

After over a year of playing on the original Verdansk Warzone map, the arena was nuked to clear the Zombie threat, and we’ve now traveled back in time to Verdansk ’84. The majority of the buildings have been overhauled, Buy Stations have moved, and some entirely new locations such as Standoff have arrived.

Dr Disrespect was initially disappointed in Verdansk ’84, saying he didn’t feel Season 3’s changes were enough. Now that 1980s Verdansk has been out for over a week, Doc has admitted he likes the direction of the new map.

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In a recent Warzone stream, Dr Disrespect said, “I’ve got to be honest, playing this game right now on this map, landing and going through some of this new geo, it feels good! It actually feels really nice.”

“I like the changes,” he explained. “I think we just have to sit back and just say ‘you know what? It is what it is, let’s take a look at it now.'”

After landing in the updated Superstore, with less dark corners and more spacious design, Doc rotated through the new Airplane Factory beside it. “I’m liking these spaces, these combat spaces,” he explained, taking in the new location. “I like the direction they’re taking it.”

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After getting obliterated by a Streetsweeper, winning his Gulag, and coming back for revenge, Doc talked again about how much he likes the new area. “I really like the factory plane into Superstore right here,” he said. “It’s nice, it’s a nice design.”

Doc has been very vocal in his feelings towards Warzone in the past, explaining why he thinks Treyarch should take over development, Solos need changing, and the audio needs fixing.

So when he says he likes the new map, we can take his word for it. He seems content with the new map changes which, hopefully, we can expect more of in Season 4 and beyond – such as the leaked Red Door fast travel system.

Image Credit: Dr Disrespect / Activision

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