Don’t pick up Warzone’s Golden Vault Combat Shield

Luca Di Marzo
The Wall Combat Shield Warzone

The Combat Shield that awaits players after entering Rebirth Island’s Golden Vault is completely useless after players noted that The Wall is not working as intended.

The major changes to Rebirth Island in Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded have gone down well with players as many are enjoying the Rebirth Reinforced Event. While the event is coming to a close on April 14, players recently gained access to Rebirth Island’s Golden Vaults.

Inside the coveted Golden Vaults, players can find high-tier loot such as a Specialist Bonus, Killstreaks, and of course, The Wall Combat Shield. This Combat Shield blueprint has caught the attention of players thanks to a unique design, but it seems the version inside the Golden Vaults is not offering much protection.

Rebirth Island Warzone Golden Vault

If you still haven’t managed to make your way inside these exclusive areas you can use our guide that details how to open the Golden Vaults. They’re likely to be highly contested areas, so make sure you’re ready for a few gunfights.

Once inside, players will find The Wall blueprint leaning against one of the interior walls. You’ll notice an unmistakable green substance next to the Combat Shield. Unfortunately, The Wall does little to protect you from incoming bullets, which you can see in the video below posted to the Warzone subreddit.

Warzone’s The Wall blueprint is completely broken

Players’ excitement at handling the unique Combat Shield quickly turned into disappointment. If you equip the version of The Wall that can be found in the Golden Vaults, bullets will pass right through the Combat Shield.

Given that the Golden Vaults are areas of high traffic, it’s unfortunate that this glitch will likely result in the death of many players as they look to fend off attacking enemies swooping in for the valuable loot.

One comment indicates that this issue only relates to the version found in the Golden Vault, “So it is only when you pick up this BP in-game that it seems to not work. When I equip it in my loadout and then choose that loadout in-game, it gives you the default shield and not the BP for some reason. And the default one works.”

The devs are aware of the issue preventing Combat Shied blueprints from appearing correctly, as a corresponding card has already been added to their Trello Board. However, they will also likely investigate if the issue of bullets passing through the weapon is an isolated incident or a widespread problem that needs a fix.

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Image Credit: Activision

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