CoD players delighted as classic Modern Warfare 2 maps leaked for Warzone 2

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A ton of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 leaks have surfaced, with insider Tom Henderson claiming that at least four classic MW2 maps will make up the new map’s POIs. Of course, Call of Duty players can’t wait to play these classic maps again.

There have been rumors and leaks surrounding a sequel to Warzone for months, but aside from the devs confirming that it’s in development alongside Modern Warfare 2, we’ve heard very little. Instead, insiders have reportedly leaked a ton of details, saying it’ll be a brand-new game with no past integrations.

There have now been even more leaks claiming Warzone 2 will bring a firing range, feature Strongholds where players need to complete objectives to get their loadout, and will share a massive new map with the Escape from Tarkov-inspired DMZ mode.

This new map will reportedly feature classic Modern Warfare 2 maps such as High Rise and Terminal, and the CoD community are delighted with the news.

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After Tom Henderson claimed that Warzone 2 would bring classic MW2 maps such as High Rise, Quarry, Terminal, and Afghan, the CoD community was buzzing with excitement. Players have been asking for more fan-favorite maps to be added to Warzone since Verdansk, so this comes as welcome news.

Warzone pro and streamer Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad was particularly excited, saying “OMG THIS IS WHAT I WANTED!”

After CharlieIntel tweeted the news it was clear the leak was welcome, with players replying with gifs, memes, and what they want to see from the new map.

Twitter user ‘JHensley55’ said: “One of the best things about Blackout was the POIs had call backs to COD from the past.” They explained that “They were fun to fight around and I loved how they were added and rotated to keep the map fresh.”

Before leaking all of these POIs, Henderson tweeted that Warzone 2’s map “looks more like Blackout” than it does Warzone, so players who loved Blackout and all of its classic maps should be in for a good time.

“COD has a rich archive of popular MP Maps that are NOT being effectively utilised as POI’s in Battle Royale,” tweeted Brodie Cromar. “The content exists. The implementation does not.”

Players also started imagining the scenarios that can play out around these classic maps. “Imagine parachuting off of Highrise during a fight to continue it in Favela,” said pade.

Henderson also said he expects plenty more Modern Warfare 2 maps to feature as POIs, and William Taylor Payne showed off Rundown and said “I need it!” Rundown, which is set in Brazil, would make sense as the Warzone 2 map will reportedly take place in Central America.

However, some players were less enthusiastic about the news, saying they would rather have new areas instead of ones that they have played before. “Why make a new game if you’re just gonna keep rehashing old content?” asked KingCashLXXV.

While it’s tough not to get caught up in the excitement, bear in mind that these are just leaks for now and nothing has been confirmed by Activision or Infinity Ward, so it’s worth tempering your expectations.

If you’re looking for more on Modern Warfare 2, you can check out how DMZ will reportedly have a marketplace with tradeable items.

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