Bunker 11 in Warzone opened, new secrets revealed

Keshav Bhat

Trio WhosImmortal, eColiespresso, and ProReborn have shared on Twitter that they have found a way into Bunker 11 in Call of Duty: Warzone, and they appear to be one of the few to do so.

Now, more are finding how to unlock it, including CourageJD and his squad, who unlocked it on stream.

The newest update for Modern Warfare and Warzone went live on May 18 and allowed users to access different bunkers across the map with different key card combinations. Bunker 11 was more challenging to access than others, but now it’s been opened and new secrets are being revealed.

In a series of tweets, the trio showed some of the new things in the Bunker, including a Shiny Red Button, TV screens broadcasting messages, and a nuke.

Getting into Bunker 11 unlocks a new SMG Blue Print, which we’re awaiting info on what it is.

Here’s a video from CourageJD on how he opened it and what they found inside:

These bunkers are getting more and more exciting…

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