Broken Warzone glitch lets enemies get under Fortune’s Keep and shoot through walls

Hamza Khalid
Warzone operator in Fortune's Keep

Warzone Pacific players have discovered a strange glitch that allows them to get under the brand-new Fortune’s Keep map and shoot at their enemies through walls.

The Warzone Pacific Season 4 update brought a change of scenery through the addition of Fortune’s Keep, a brand-new island that is slightly larger in size than the popular Rebirth Island map.

You’ll find plenty of fun surprises after exploring this brand-new map, including fun easter eggs. However, players have also discovered a frustrating problem on Fortune’s Keep just a few days after its arrival.

Keep POI Fortune's Keep Warzone

Reddit user ‘kamikaze123456’ shared a clip of their Warzone gameplay in the Town POI on Fortune’s Keep. In this clip, the player ran into a building and started taking damage from an invisible enemy.

The Redditor went to recover their lost health before approaching the side of the building, only to get taken down by gunfire that was coming from the ground. The kill cam then showed exactly what had happened.

The enemy players were actually underneath the surface of the map and were shooting at their opponents through the floor of the building. They then shot at the Redditor who was unable to fight back.

What’s particularly frustrating is that this glitched area is located near one of the only Buy Stations in the Town POI. So, players looking to upgrade their Loadout Drop will be easy targets for these hidden enemies to pick off.

This isn’t the only POI being plagued by this issue as there have been numerous reports of other glitch spots across Fortune’s Keep. Some of the commenters highlighted a few of these locations.

One user explained: “There’s another one that I found but can’t clip. It’s in the Winery. One of the staggered hills next to the main building. You can lay down with only the top of your head visible.”

At the time of writing, it’s unclear when exactly the developers will implement a fix for this game-breaking glitch. It will need to get patched up soon in order to prevent players from repeatedly exploring it.

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Image credits: Activision

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