Warzone devs respond to parachute bug making Operators fly further than others

Liam Mackay
Warzone operator parachuting into Caldera

It was recently discovered that some Warzone Operators still had the old parachuting mechanics that prevent them from flying further, so here are the best Operators to use to fly further and the devs’ response to the bug.

With Warzone allowing players to pull their parachute only feet from the ground, there are plenty of opportunities to pull off some nifty flanks. Players in the know used to use a technique called ‘sideways gliding,’ which would allow your Operator to glide much further.

Sideways gliding was seemingly patched out at the start of Season 2, where you’d no longer need to sideways glide to travel long distances. However, not every Operator received the fix, and you still need to sideways glide while using them.

Warzone devs Raven Software have acknowledged the issue. For the time being, here are the Operators you should use to glide further in Warzone Pacific Season 2.

Warzone player parachuting

Reddit user ‘hn6’ appears to have discovered the bug, revealing that “some operators parachute further than others.”

They explained that Operators who received the Season 2 change and no longer need to sideways glide will travel towards the ground at 6.6 speed (you can see this on the right side of your screen). However, Operators that fly at 10.4 will hit the ground much faster and have to sideways glide to slow down and fly further.

YouTuber JGOD tested the Reddit user’s claim and found the same issue, saying that it “looks like some operators have the older gliding system.”

Plus, JGOD discovered that Operators that have the new gliding system can pull their chute much closer to the ground.

Warzone devs respond to parachute speed bug

Raven Software confirmed they’re aware of the issue with certain Operators being unaffected by the Season 2 parachute speed improvements, announcing on March 17 that they have created a Trello card addressing the issue:

  • Parachutes: Players will notice that some Operators Parachute in at a slower speed than intended.

The Trello card is marked as ‘investigating’ on ‘all platforms,’ but there’s no predicted date for the fix so keep an eye out for additional updates.

Best Warzone Operators to fly further

Thanks to testing done by both the Reddit user and JGOD, you should stick to Vanguard Operators if you want to fly further. All Vanguard Operators use the new gliding system, so they don’t need to sideways glide.

It gets more tricky when it comes to Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War Operators, as they’re much more inconsistent. hn6 has done a little bit of testing and found a few Operators that work, and a few that don’t.

Warzone’s old glide system (need to sideways glide)Warzone’s new glide system (don’t need to sideways glide)
Naga (all skins tested)Golem

While this issue is on Raven Software’s radar, there’s no guarantee of when it will be fixed, perhaps in the mid-Season 2 or Season 3 updates.

Image Credit: Activision