Best HDR loadout for Warzone Pacific Season 5

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warzone pacific HDR

The HDR Sniper Rifle is a great choice in Warzone, and you can use the right attachments, Perks, and Equipment to make the best HDR loadout for Warzone Pacific Season 5.

If you’re looking for a great Sniper Rifle to pick off your enemies from a distance in Warzone then the HDR is an extremely viable choice, thanks to its high bullet velocity and ability to one-shot headshot enemies at any distance.

While the Season 5 update has shifted the meta by bringing a ton of weapon buffs and nerfs, the HDR continues to remain a great long-range option. You can make it even deadlier with the right attachments, Perks, and equipment.

Here’s the best HDR loadout in Warzone Pacific Season 5.

Best Warzone HDR loadout attachments

HDR loadout attachments in cod warzone
  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: 26.9″ HDR Pro
  • Laser: Tac Laser
  • Stock: FTAC Stalker-Scout
  • Perk: Sleight of Hand

We’ll start off this Warzone Pacific HDR loadout by equipping the Monolithic Suppressor muzzle and 26.9″ HDR Pro barrel to buff the Sniper Rifle’s effective damage range and bullet velocity.

The Tac Laser and FTAC Stalker-Scout stock will grant a boost to your ADS speed, allowing you to get an enemy in your crosshairs quicker. Finally, Sleight of Hand will make reloading feel instantaneous.

Best Perks & Equipment to use with Warzone HDR class

E.O.D Perk in Warzone hdr class
  • Perk 1: E.O.D
  • Perk 2: Overkill
  • Perk 3: Amped
  • Lethal equipment: Throwing Knife
  • Tactical equipment: Stim

Enemies will toss Grenades and Semtex at you, so you should equip E.O.D to protect you from explosive damage. Next, use Overkill to pair this weapon with a medium-range Assault Rifle like the STG44 or a close-range SMG like the Marco 5.

Finally, Amped will let you swap between both weapons quickly. For the Equipment, we’ve opted for the Throwing Knife to help you eliminate downed enemies, and the Stim regenerates your health after taking damage and gives a major speed boost.

How to unlock the HDR in Warzone

HDR sniper rifle in Warzone gunsmith preview

If you want to get your hands on this Sniper Rifle to make the best Warzone HDR loadout, play until you reach Level 11. You can easily meet these requirements by grinding for a few games.

Once that’s done, the weapon will become unlocked, and you’ll be able to use it to cause some pain in Caldera, Rebirth Island, and Fortune’s Keep.

Best HDR alternatives in Warzone

If you’re looking for an alternative then be sure to try out our ZRG 20mm loadout as this weapon has a faster ADS speed and higher bullet velocity than the HDR. The 3-Line Rifle is another weapon that can dish out a ton of damage in long-range combat.

For more Warzone content, check out this Nikita AVT loadout that “melts” on Rebirth Island as well as our guide on how to get the Villains Vengeance weapon blueprint.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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