Aydan explains why the Gallo could be Warzone’s next meta gun

Andrew Highton
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Leading CoD: Warzone personality Aydan “Aydan” Conrad has discussed why the Gallo SA12 could be about to rival the FFAR and MAC-10 as dominant Warzone meta weapons right now.

Warzone’s meta is an ever-changing mystery with weapons constantly coming and going. The early days of Warzone saw the Kilo 141 dominate the game, and then Warzone Season 1’s integration with Black Ops Cold War saw the creation of DMRZone.

We’ve also seen the Diamattis and MAC-10 run the shop, with the FFAR and AUG owning the current Warzone Season 2 landscape. However, Aydan, and other Warzone players, believe that a change is brewing. Rumors are running rampant that nerfs are on the horizon for popular Warzone weapons, and the Gallo could be the answer.

gallo shotugn warzone season 2

It’s very rare nowadays to not be 2-bursted by a pinpoint accurate AUG or be instantly tagged by a FFAR or MAC-10 up-close.

Aydan has made his feelings for Shotguns known saying, “I was known for using Shotguns – the Origin, the R9, and being really good with them. So I love to see Shotguns into the meta.”

It’s the worst-kept secret in the world that Shotguns can absolutely rip people apart as, in the right hands, they will end someone’s day very quickly with one or two well-placed blasts.

Aydan says, “they don’t take as much skill so it’s kind of annoying y’know, but if I can get one in my hands, I’ll be nasty with it for sure.”

Dr Disrespect recently commented on the state of Warzone’s meta, pointing out that Warzone Season 2’s AUG is more broken than the DMR. Aydan goes on to demonstrate the power of this Shotgun by offering up a 37-kill game making use of the Gallo.

Aydan even teased that the Gallo could become a permanent addition to his arsenal if the expected nerfs hit Warzone: “The Gallo kills super-quickly, I think if the FFAR got nerfed I think there would be potential for me to switch to this gun for sure.”

In his video, Aydan does exactly what he says and ruins countless opponents using the Gallo, showing off its devastating potential in Warzone.

It remains to be seen which guns get nerfed, and by how much. If the FFAR and MAC-10 do get nerfed sufficiently, then you can expect to see more Gallo Shotguns roaming around Verdansk.

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Image credits: Activision

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