Antonov Operator bundle is broken in Call of Duty: Warzone

Andrew Highton
antonov firing in call of duty

One of Warzone’s Operator bundles, Antonov, seems to have been released as broken upon its arrival in Call of Duty: Warzone as players can’t see all of the character’s accessories.

Operator bundles and skins are a way to keep lobbies looking fresh and give players different options and customization choices for each game. Aside from eye-catching Operators like John McClane and Rambo, or veterans like Captain Price and the unreleased Soap skin, there are always new characters to be immortalized in CoD.

Antonov is a bundle that was released back in May 2021, and players are now starting to learn that the bundle’s main Operator skin is actually bugged.

Antonov Operator bundle

The Antonov bundle is a Radioactive-themed bundle featuring Antonov in a fearsome-looking Radiation Suit with additional items of a similar vein.

One of the coolest aspects of the bundle, outside of the Operator skin, is the ‘Radiation Detector’ Legendary Watch. It’s basically a mini-Geiger counter that is supposed to sit perfectly on Antonov’s left wrist, but it doesn’t seem to have been well thought out.

Reddit user Large_Dr_Pepper snapped a pic of the watch in action, and it showed the problematic nature of the suit in conjunction with the watch.

The thickness of the suit’s gloves and suit actually end up covering up most of the watch, leaving it barely visible for the user.

The original poster had this to say about the bundle and watch: “At the bare minimum they should make the watch compatible with the skin it comes with. I spent $20 on this, I want to see my tiny Geiger counter.”

Given that the Antonov bundle has been available to purchase since Season 3, it does seem like a bit of an oversight, but one that can be easily fixed.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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