Activision officially confirm Warzone Mobile

Luca Di Marzo
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After weeks of speculation, Activision finally confirm that Warzone is coming to mobile and they’re looking to hire for roles on the publishing and development team.

Activision certainly understand the importance of timing when it comes to making major announcements and there’s no better time than on the second anniversary of Warzone to announce future plans for the franchise.

On March 10 Activision officially confirmed that they are working on Warzone Mobile. Here’s everything you need to know about the announcement as well as how to get involved in the massive project.

Warzone mobile job posting

Leaks and rumors revealed that Activision could be working on a Warzone Mobile title. Finally, fans of mobile gaming and Call of Duty’s battle royale can rest easy after Activision confirmed that they are working on the game.

Several gaming studios and developers will come together to work on Warzone Mobile including Solid State Studios (Activision’s new internal mobile team), Digital Legends, Beenox, Activision Shanghai, and Demonware.

In addition, Activision are looking to hire talented individuals to help work on the game, “From production roles to engineering, design, art, marketing, and more, we’re looking for game-makers, passionate fans, and genuinely awesome people to join our diverse team”.

Given the rise in popularity of mobile gaming, Activision’s decision to bring their highly-successful free-to-play title to mobile was likely a simple decision for the company.

Fans are already beginning to wonder which version of Warzone we’ll be seeing on mobile. From Verdansk to Caldera, Warzone Mobile has a few maps to draw inspiration from. Perhaps Activision will head in a new direction and design a brand-new map for Warzone Mobile.

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