Vanguard’s #2 Ranked player exposed after showing his wallhack cheats on stream

Matt Porter
Vanguard players aiming at enemies

Call of Duty Vanguard’s second-highest Ranked Play competitor has been caught cheating after his stream bugged and revealed that he could see enemies through walls.

Vanguard’s Ranked Play mode gives players the chance to see how they stack up against other players. Win your matches, and you’ll get a high rank to show off your skill. Lose, and you’ll be tumbling down the ranks.

Unfortunately, the competitive element of a Ranked Playlist means players are desperate to rank as highly as possible, and some will do anything to reach the top. That means some players will use cheats to gain an advantage over their opponents.

It seems that Vanguard’s second-highest Ranked player is one of these people, as a bug on his stream revealed he could see enemy locations through walls.

Piercing Vision Perk in CoD Vanguard

In a video taken from his stream, Vanguard’s #2 ranked player ‘pplehx’ can be seen playing Hardpoint on Tuscan. After dying in a gunfight in the church, pplehx is forced to watch his teammate push the same location, but at that exact moment, a glitch with his stream exposed him.

While watching his teammate, all of the enemy time can be seen through the walls of the church, their outlines highlighted in red to show their exact location.

Pplehx immediately said “Why does my game always crash,” but it was already too late. Viewers had already seen the outline of enemies through the wall, and the clip was posted on Twitter.

As for why he cheated, pplehx claimed that he had installed the cheat to “get Diamond camo,” and simply “didn’t know how to turn them off.”

This excuse didn’t fly with former LA Guerrillas CDL player Martin ‘Cheen’ Chino, who asked: “Bro couldn’t just four-stack [public matches]?”

Activision have been cracking down on cheaters. The company released its RICOCHET anti-cheat system back in late 2021, while at least 940,000 players have been banned from Warzone since its release.

As for pplehx, his fate remains unknown at this time. We’d be surprised if he doesn’t get banned though, and his position on the Ranked Play leaderboard removed.

Image Credits: Raven Software

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