How to complete Vanguard Zombies’ Terra Maledicta Easter Egg: Main Quest guide

Luca Di Marzo
Terra Maledicta Vanguard Zombies Easter Egg

Terra Maledicta’s Main Quest Easter Egg is now live in Vanguard Season 2. We’ve put together this complete, in-depth guide to help you discover the map’s Main Quest Easter Egg.

Fans of Vanguard Zombies are hopeful that Season 2 content can make up for the lack of support the mode received throughout Season 1.

The update has already included two Wonder Weapons, new artifacts, and evidently a new Main Quest Easter Egg to uncover.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to Terra Maledicta’s Main Quest Easter Egg.

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Zombies Terra Maledicta Main Quest Easter Egg guide

1. Locate Decimator Shield

Vanguard Zombies Wonder Weapons
  1. Activate objective in the Temple area in front of the spawn area.
  2. Once you teleport to Vercanna’s home soil, complete Runestones objective.
  3. After you complete objective and return to Temple make your way past the portal and reach Merchant Road where the Decimator Shield is located.
  4. Once dialogue is activated continue playing as usual and open up all areas of the map.
  5. Go left of the spawn room and activate a nearby portal. Complete the objective.
  6. Vercanna will speak to you, detailing the location of a speaking stone.

2. Unlock Decimator Shield

Decimator Shield Vanguard
  1. Find the Speed Cola machine and locate the speaking stone directly across from it.
  2. Once the stone dialogue has ended enter the blue portal.
  3. Complete the Purge objective and return to the Temple.
  4. Locate the Decimator Shield and identify the yellow crystals directly across from it.
  5. Destroy the four yellow chrystals across the map.
  6. Interact with the speaking stone in the Bazar area.
  7. Enter the green portal after the speaking stone dialogue ends.

3. Charge Decimator Shield

Vercanna's home soil location
  1. Complete Syphonecores objective while the Decimator Shield charges.
  2. Defeat Zaballa the Deceiver by aiming at the mask on her face.
  3. Once the objective is complete, return to the Temple area where the Decimator Shield will be ready for use.
  4. Pick up the Decimator Shield and complete the next objective that Vercanna requests.
  5. Once the objective is complete, locate the blue Perk in the Debris Field location where you’ll find another speaking stone.
  6. Enter the green portal that Vercanna opens.

4. Use Decimator Shield to destroy Tome of Rituals anchors

Decimator Shield ability
  1. Complete the Void objective with the Decimator Shield.
  2. Use the left-trigger ability of the Decimator Shield to destroy the Tome of Rituals anchors.
  3. The Shield attack can only be triggered once every 90 seconds.
  4. Collect the Tome of Rituals page once the objective is complete.
  5. Escape via the green portal.
  6. Enjoy the rare rewards once the Easter Egg quest is complete.

Terra Maledicta Main Quest Easter Egg rewards

Terra Maledicta Main Quest Easter Egg rewards

Once you’ve completed the Main Quest, you’ll be teleported back to Terra Maledicta’s main area where rare rewards will be waiting for you. You’ll receive 10,000 points for completing the Main Quest alongside loot comprised of equipment, scorestreaks, and rare weapons.

As far as Main Quests go this one isn’t all that complicated but we hope you enjoyed our guide nonetheless.

If you’re a Zombies veteran you’ll have a blast completing the Vanguard Terra Maledicta Main Quest Easter Egg.

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Image Credit: Activision / MrDalekJD

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